No Place Like Home

SAVE, Inc. invites you to join us for No Place Like Home: A Conversation With Jeanne White-Ginder


Our featured speaker is Jeanne White-Ginder. Jeanne is the mother of Ryan White. Ryan was born with hemophilia and after receiving a contaminated dosage of Factor VIII, a blood-clotting product, contracted AIDS in December 1984. Ryan was just 13 years old and given six months to live. Defying all expectations, Ryan lived for five more years and in that time, became an advocate for AIDS awareness and the face of public education for the disease.

Jeanne White-Ginder has continued to share her son’s story, promoting education about the disease and the stigma that to this day surrounds it. Because of her tireless efforts, the Ryan White Comprehensive AIDS Resources Care Act was passed, which serves over 500,000 people each year, including many of SAVE, Inc.’s clients.