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SAVE, Inc. was founded in 1986 as the first 24-hour hospice care facility in Missouri for individuals dying from AIDS. It is the sole provider of specialized housing for those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS in the bi-state, Kansas City metropolitan region.

What began with our first six-bed hospice facility, SAVE Home, we have now expanded into a thriving organization operating seven properties, which include 66 units of housing for transitional and permanent purposes.  We are proud to say that SAVE, Inc. has invested more than $3M dollars in capital improvements in Kansas City, Missouri, successfully combining affordable housing development with urban revitalization.

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people experienced homelessness
on a single night in 2018

Having housing has taken away many worries. Living on the streets is hard. My mental health has improved. I’m back to being a happy camper now. I also feel more whole. I feel like a person now, not a machine or a number.
Ray, client