Donating to Save Inc

Every month we provide over 900 individuals and families who are socially or medically disadvantaged with a safe and affordable place to call home, the cost of which runs upwards of $700,000. Every single month.


Through the generosity of advocates, corporations, and volunteers, SAVE works to meet this financial mark, so that it may help those in our community find stable housing and hope for the future. Yet the reality is that each month brings increased need and housing instability of unparalleled proportions. Hundreds in Kansas City still suffer on the streets, forced to choose between healthcare and a safe place for the night.

Yet, we can change all this.  With your help – your donations, your resources, your time, your voice – SAVE, Inc. can mitigate these threats and ignite hope. Housing is the change that so many are waiting for.

Please consider making a financial donation to SAVE, Inc. by clicking the Donate button on this page. You may also make a gift by phone (816-531-8340 ext. 290) or by mail (P.O. Box 45301, Kansas City, MO 64171). We know that you have a choice in your charitable giving, and we would be humbled to be a recipient of your generosity.

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“I thank you for considering this work worthy of your attention.”
     -former SAVE Home resident