Saturday, November 9, 2019, at Studio Dan Meiners

This year’s theme, “Willkommen: Leave Your Troubles Outside,” welcomes you into the outlandish and fantastical underground world of “Cabaret” where life is beautiful, and you can leave your troubles at the door. Willkommen is “welcome” in German.

The Willkommen theme is inspired by the musical, “Cabaret,” and one of its most iconic songs: “Willkommen.” The musical continues to resonate with modern audiences due in part to its thematic statements on political indifference, activism, and social and cultural change. 

Cabaret (1972) – Willkommen​

Meet Our 2019 HomeComing Candidates!

HomeComing Through the Years

HomeComing is an annual event with a new theme each year. Each year, our HomeComing Court competes to win the crown and title of HomeComing King/Queen by working to raise money through parties, athletic competitions, brunches, bingo, and other events — one dollar equals one vote for the crown! The night of HomeComing, we tally the numbers to find out who has managed to raise the most leading up to the event, and we crown our winners. This event would not be possible without this dedicated HomeComing Court, as well as our wonderful HomeComing Committee, who plans all the details from event catering to specialty cocktails, and of course the HomeComing theme. Browse some of our fabulous past event themes below, and stay tuned for details on HomeComing 2019!

Life is a cabaret, ol' chum, so come to the Cabaret.