HomeComing 2020: House Party

Pick your playlist. Set the mood. Invite your friends.

SAVE, Inc.’s 9th Annual HomeComing event will take place on Saturday, October 24, 2020 as our first ever virtual event. This year’s theme is “House Party: Pick your playlist. Set the Mood. Invite your friends.” HomeComing: House Party is a virtual experience like nothing you’ve seen before, celebrating the way we all welcome our friends into our homes and highlighting the importance of home especially during these trying times.

With HomeComing: House Party, you choose your playlist, mood, and guests, while we provide the virtual experience, along with a variety of options for decor, food, and drinks, all delivered right to your home. Our goal is to raise $100,000 to help SAVE, Inc. continue to improve the health and stability of many in our community, with the firm belief that housing equals healthcare.


Your support of HomeComing: House Party will support SAVE, Inc.’s vision: a world free of homelessness and discrimination in housing. We know that safe, stable housing is an essential component of healthcare. Now, more than ever, our community understands the need for housing and healthcare for our most vulnerable populations. As we were all asked to shelter in place and practice social distancing, the stark contrast between the housed and the homeless became even greater. How can you shelter in place when you don’t have a home? How can you practice social distancing in overcrowded homeless shelters? Additionally, some estimates suggest that increased unemployment and other factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic could cause as much as a 45% increase in homelessness over the next year.

SAVE, Inc. is an essential organization in Kansas City – committed to serving those at risk with a housing-first approach to ending homelessness. Your support provides hope, housing, and necessities for adults, youth, and families who depend on SAVE, Inc. for the fundamental need of safe housing. At a time when the risk of homelessness and the need for healthcare is at an all-time high, your support is more important than ever.

HomeComing Through the Years

HomeComing is an annual event with a new theme each year. Each year, our HomeComing Court competes to win the crown and title of HomeComing King/Queen by working to raise money through parties, athletic competitions, brunches, bingo, and other events — one dollar equals one vote for the crown! The night of HomeComing, we tally the numbers to find out who has managed to raise the most leading up to the event, and we crown our winners. This event would not be possible without this dedicated HomeComing Court, as well as our wonderful HomeComing Committee, who plans all the details from event catering to specialty cocktails, and of course the HomeComing theme.