Steve Metzler

Longtime SAVE, Inc. Supporter

Since the early days of the AIDS epidemic, Steve Metzler feels SAVE, Inc. was always a part of his life. To him, the draw was how SAVE, Inc. provides dignity and the basic human right of safe housing for individuals and families impacted by HIV/AIDS or at risk of contracting HIV. Steve fondly remembers the first SAVE, Inc. fundraiser, the REQUIEM project, which brought together and reached a broad spectrum of the community in 1989. He sees bravery in how the founders/first funders stepped out of the shadows and went out into the community.

One of the SAVE, Inc. ideals that attracted Steve was the concept that everyone is entitled to a loving, caring environment to live their lives AND to die with dignity. Steve sees SAVE, Inc. as still one of the best kept secrets in Kansas City.