Sister Kevin Marie Flynn

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In March 1988, Sister Kevin Marie Flynn, with the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth, decided she wanted to know and do more about the AIDS crisis and participated in a training conducted by the Good Samaritan Project.

She learned about SAVE Home, and took a tour where she found friendly residents and a well-cared for home. Sister Kevin wanted to get to know the residents on a personal and spiritual level, and chose a very concrete way of doing so—cooking and sharing a meal with the members of the household every Thursday evening—sitting at the table and sharing stories!

With help from some very dedicated volunteers, Sister Kevin continued to provide a mother figure as well as spiritual support until 2010, when she retired. Sister Kevin recalls the sense of family–her one word description of SAVE, Inc.—where everyone was given a peaceful and safe place to live and, to die. In fact, Sister Kevin was honored to officiate at many of the memorial services, and noted that “sitting by their dying bed was a privilege;” a bittersweet one for her.

She saw her time at SAVE Home as “a rewarding ministry to me. My life was enriched by each individual I walked beside.”