Rob McDaniel

Former SAVE, Inc. Board Member & Longtime Supporter

Rob McDaniel has donated his time to SAVE, Inc. since its beginning, as an active part of the board and significantly contributing to the landscaping.  It all started because Rob wanted to “do something to give back to the community.”  He fondly remembers digging holes and planting plants on a cold February morning, drinking coffee and “working together to beautify the space.”

Rob has learned how important it is to “pay it forward and take care of one another.”  For as he says, “you may see someone in need and think you are unable to help but time and intellectual contributions are just as important as anything else.”  These are lessons he has learned from his past and present work with SAVE, Inc.

As far as the future goes, Rob sees SAVE, Inc. transitioning from an AIDS/HIV organization to one that addresses, “multiple diagnoses.  Being a provider of housing and services for a variety of people and their needs.”