Richard Keller

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The humble origins of SAVE, Inc. include the courageous efforts of several individuals,
none of which was more crucial than those of Dick Keller.

Along with his late partner Jerry Gilligan, Dick donated the original SAVE property – SAVE Home – so that those battling AIDS with nowhere to go would have a supportive and welcoming environment. Dick and Jerry recruited several friends to help renovate the home and fund the operations, all of which led to the official creation of SAVE, Inc.  “I have always believed providing basic shelter is a noble cause,” says Dick.

Dick fondly recalls cooking dinner once a week in the early days of SAVE Home and how he
always enjoyed the conversations with residents. He remembers how grant funds greatly
expanded SAVE, Inc.’s horizons, but notes that in the beginning, few really felt there would still be a need 25 years later.
Dick notes that so many people contributed their time and money to help SAVE, Inc. grow,
including Loyed Mitchell, for whom the administrative office is named after. Dick has seen
firsthand through his own efforts and through those of his friends how “the power of a few individuals can create lasting change.”

Certainly, there would be no SAVE, Inc. without them.