Neal Colby

Former SAVE, Inc. Board Member and Longtime Supporter
Neal Colby was the Director of Catholic Charities when SAVE Home was in its infancy. Dick Keller had donated the house, then named Good Samaritan House, to provide hospice to AIDS patients.

As Neal tells it, the gay private donors required anonymity in their efforts to support the house, and the parish provided this as well as a means to collect and distribute funds. To keep the house operating, Neal became the organizer for general community members and for fundraising. He met with the then-mayor, Richard Berkley, whose wife, Sandy, was very instrumental in obtaining funds and attention to the need. In fact, she would call Neal seven times a day at times.

Neal also approached the Missouri legislators for assistance and advocated for the creation of the state-wide AIDS Medicaid waiver, which was a source of funding for the newly named “Saving AIDS Victims Endowment” now SAVE, Inc.

Neal, who saw the home as a means of providing security for those struggling with AIDS, gave us our name!