Mark Anderson

Former SAVE, Inc. Executive Director

“Sometimes all it takes is the simple act of being present with another person.” This basic idea always surfaced for Mark Anderson during his tenure as SAVE, Inc.’s Executive Director from 2000-2007. SAVE, Inc. provided this simple act by offering home and hope to residents.

Mark remembers the incredible support that the community gave to SAVE, Inc. at the first NPLH Luncheon. “It was an honor and humbling to be surrounded by such generous supporters of the mission.” The Luncheon also showed Mark just how powerful SAVE’s story really was. He notes that his service at SAVE provided a greater awareness of how housing can truly make a difference in people’s lives by giving them a sense of hope and pride.
Looking back on his years of service, Mark points to the mission of SAVE, Inc. as encompassing more than just providing a roof. It talks about service to those who are oftentimes the most disenfranchised in our society. Mark vividly recalls the diversity of SAVE, Inc. clients and how they came from all walks of life. “They are all seeking the same thing – to not feel shunned because of their diagnosis or life circumstances and a place to call home.” Mark was proud to be a part of a community that supported people to live with dignity and hope.