Lillian Porter

SAVE Home Staff Member

Lillian Porter is a caregiver; in every sense of the word. As a long time staff member at SAVE Home, Lillian’s role is diverse. She has a multitude of responsibilities such as helping the clients maintain their health and assisting with their medical needs. Lillian’s primary focus though is the “one on one care.” For Lillian, she describes SAVE, Inc. with the words, “family and home.” She believes in the mission, she is the mission. Lillian’s goal is to “provide the clients with a family atmosphere,” and to “get them as healthy as we can so they can move on to their separate lives.”

Their lives, the client’s life, are Lillian’s passion. It is a passion that is driven by her experiences with SAVE, Inc. for she has learned that SAVE, Inc. is a blessing and that homelessness and AIDS is something that “can affect any one of us, any one of us.”