Kevin Dunn

Former SAVE, Inc. Board Member and Longtime Supporter

Kevin Dunn served on SAVE, Inc.’s board in the mid-1990s after being introduced to the organization by friends. He felt an instance camaraderie with the other devoted board members, staff and volunteers of the organization. Kevin was also drawn to the mission of SAVE, Inc. and it seemingly represented an idealistic goal, but yet was so practical as everyone needs a safe place to live.

Kevin vividly recalls spending many cold weekend hours working on the landscaping at Cropsey Place with fellow volunteer Rob McDaniel. Kevin was so impressed with the work ethic of those around him, including Ellen King and Loyed Mitchell, and it inspired him to do more.
Kevin has seen SAVE, Inc. evolve over the years and notes the great reputation the organization has as a positive neighborhood entity and an expert in providing housing. He appreciates the fact that SAVE, Inc. encourages residents to live independent lives while still offering support when needed. “SAVE, Inc. is organized and run very well. It’s the kind of charity I want to support because it’s been able to adapt to meet the changing need,” says Kevin. Kevin’s involvement in SAVE, Inc. has allowed him to meet great people and has made him proud of the community he lives in. “It makes me feel grateful for what I have and I feel lucky to live in a town that cares so much about others.”