Kathleen Kunkler

Former SAVE, Inc. Board Chair & Longtime Supporter

“Having parties on a shoe-string budget, to benefit SAVE, Inc.” That is how Kathleen Kunkler, former Board President and continued patron of SAVE, Inc. describes her initial involvement.

It was not the parties that drew Kathleen though, it was the cause, “I always say it’s KC’s little gem.” The message, “housing is healthcare,” is the aspect of SAVE, Inc. that really appeals to Kathleen. It can seem so simple, housing is such a necessary need but as Kathleen has seen, in reality, it is not so simple.

The experience, “has made me more humble,” she says.   Her experiences with SAVE, Inc. drive her to support its continued success, she envisions the future of SAVE, Inc. as, “providing more services and continuing to meet the need even though the need has grown. Providing these services with dignity, exactly our mission.”

It is a mission that Kathleen truly believes in. It is, in her words, “miraculous.”