Jim Brooks & Kathie Carpenter-Brooks


A home-cooked meal. Sitting down with family and friends. Talking about your day, the stresses and highlights of your life. These are the things that have continued to bring Kathie Carpenter-Brooks and Jim Brooks back to SAVE Home every month for 20 years to make dinner.

As Jim says, it is not just dinner. “It’s amazing to me to sit down and share a meal with strangers and by the end of the meal, they are no longer strangers.”
Or as Kathie describes, “People there are our friends. We meet such wonderful people. They have helped us more than we’ve helped them.”

So, it is not about the fried chicken or the banana pudding (everyone’s favorite) really but the connection, the family that brings Jim and Kathie back every month. For as Kathie says, “Otherwise I would not be the same person. I wouldn’t be able to love others the same way,” had she not been involved with SAVE, Inc. For Jim the experience, “has broadened my thought on humanity and mankind. It has helped me to see people in a different light.”

Sincere feelings created from 20 years of once a month dinners with their extended SAVE, Inc. family; listening to Jim and Kathie’s story provides lessons and ideals that inspire.