Jeannette Mormino

Longtime SAVE, Inc. Supporter and Volunteer

Jeannette Mormino is no stranger to activism or community causes, but the mission of SAVE, Inc. holds a particularly prominent place in her heart.

Jeannette learned about SAVE, Inc. over 13 years ago but sadly, only after losing her very dear friend Steven Hontz to AIDS. “He didn’t know about SAVE Home and he died with very little support,” says Jeannette. “His mother wouldn’t even let him use the bathroom in her house.”

Jeannette has since dedicated many volunteer hours to SAVE, Inc.’s mission in memory of Steven.  She credits her involvement with SAVE as opening her eyes to the even greater need that exists and hopes the organization keeps going to reach all those out there who need a safe place to live.
Volunteering at SAVE Home and the great conversations she has with the residents inspire her to do more.

“I want to make sure others are aware of the services SAVE, Inc. provides and to give them the support and care they deserve.” Jeannette also appreciates the way that respect and dignity are honored at SAVE; something denied to her dear friend Steven. Says Jeannette, “You have to love & appreciate the diversity in everybody.”