Bob Pauly

Former SAVE, Inc. Board Member and Longtime Supporter

Bob Pauly majored in nuclear engineering and minored in business at Kansas State University. He was employed in his field of study. His desire to help people directly led to rethinking his career choice.

Through his volunteer work on the SAVE, Inc. board of directors and at SAVE Home in the 1980’s and early 1990’s, he decided to become a clinical social worker and completed an MSW from the University of Kansas. While at SAVE, Inc., he helped a friend prepare and serve a Christmas dinner for residents of SAVE Home. As the residents and volunteers sat down to enjoy the meal, Bob visited with a very tall, very ill and frail man who had “wasting disease” with not much time to live. Initially, AIDS and time had made the resident unrecognizable. They discovered that each attended K-State at the same time, they had been Resident Assistants at the same dorm, both had been in the Varsity Men’s Glee Club, and they were even roommates on glee club trips.

The SAVE Home resident enjoyed playing Bob’s recording of the glee cub albums over and over throughout his remaining days.

Bob recalls SAVE Home as “…a home with a heart for people with HIV/AIDS.” Everyone at SAVE, Inc. cares, and care with dignity and respect for others is integral to SAVE, Inc.’s mission.