Mother Turns Life Around

For Alicia, life was bleak until just a few years ago. In 2007, Alicia’s four children were taken away from her and placed in foster care. Homeless, addicted to drugs and without friends or extended family, she was completely alone.

Her childhood had been lonely and difficult — Alicia’s mother was also a drug addict and they were never in one place very long. At a young age, Alicia turned to drugs and men for comfort. She was only 15 when she became pregnant with her first child.

Despite all of the hardships Alicia has faced, she admits that losing her children was the lowest point in her life. Desperate to get her children back and to be the mother they deserve, she knew she had to change.

“I made the decision that my kids were more important than drugs,” Alicia explains.

After she completed a drug treatment program, her case manager referred her to SAVE, Inc., and she was granted a rent voucher. As a result, Alicia was able to find a house in a comfortable neighborhood, ideal for her children.

Alicia’s tenacity paid off when her children came home in December 2008. They returned to a mother who was not only clean and sober, but also stable. Now working and planning on finishing cosmetology school, Alicia says she feels like she’s starting a new life for herself and her children.

“Without this program, I don’t know where we’d be.”

Having just signed her lease for a third year, Alicia can hardly believe that her family has been in the same place for so long, since she had never lived anywhere for more than a year until now. “We are rooted now,” Alicia shares proudly.

Alicia says she is thankful every day for her blessings. Among them: having a stable home that allows Alicia and her children to spend time together. All of her children are involved in extra-curricular activities and doing well in school. One was just named “Student of the Month,” and her oldest daughter is working part-time.

Alicia has taken a terrible situation and turned it around. She not only created a new life for herself and her children, she laid the groundwork for their futures by becoming the role model for her children that she never had.