Denny’s Story

Ray’s life changed when he lost his job and consequently his home. While homeless, he says he was ashamed, depressed, and scared. Since finding housing, Ray’s outlook has improved and he looks forward to his future.   How did you find housing through SAVE, Inc.?   I had an HIV case manager who told me … Continue reading “I FEEL LIKE A PERSON NOW”

Denny moved into SAVE Home in April, 2012 after staying at Hope Care Center for about a year. While he was at Hope Care Center, his health improved so much that the staff there encouraged him to move to SAVE Home. He says that Rochelle Wilson, SAVE Home manager, came out to meet him and made him feel confident that the move was the right one for him.
Denny’s health struggles began in 1989 when he went to see a doctor about chronic headaches and the doctor encouraged him to take an HIV test. He was told over the phone that he tested positive. “I was by myself when I got the call. I was given a 2 year prognosis. I put myself on death row like everybody did then.”
In 2003, when Denny was diagnosed with AIDS, he says he took the news much better than when he was diagnosed with HIV. He says that he was somewhat prepared, plus there was more hope for people living with AIDS in 2003 than there was for people living with HIV in 1989.
Denny has faced a lot in the 23 years since he was diagnosed with HIV. He says he is happy to be at SAVE Home and enjoys the staff, residents, and volunteers who come to prepare dinner. A self-proclaimed “talkaholic,” Denny says that it’s good for him to have people around him.
While Denny is happy at SAVE Home, he plans to move out in October so that he can live independently and make some changes in his life. He says that living at SAVE Home has given him the opportunity to save money and set goals for himself.