Clients Dream Big

We often say that housing means different things to different people. Whether located in Missouri or Kansas, in an apartment or a single-family home, housing can offer security and peace of mind to people who have not been able to settle down for a long time.

The feedback we receive from clients about how far they’ve come since finding permanent housing is astonishing. Many of them develop long-term goals and dreams that they had never before considered. Here are some of the goals, successes and overall good news that clients have shared with us over the year:

  • Patty is proudly enrolled in a local college and is working toward her bachelor’s degree in psychology and counseling. Her goal is to help others in the same way that SAVE, Inc. was able to help her. “Housing means that I am not overlooked, that my life is recognized,” she says.

  • After Jacob earns a cosmetology degree, he wants to open his own shop.

  • Norman’s goal is to continue to improve his health and eventually go back to work so he will no longer need his voucher and it can go to someone else.

  • Craig is working on having more consistent contact with his case manager and reconnecting with healthy family and friends. He is determined to use this second chance to improve his life.

  • Sandra ended a very unhealthy relationship with her boyfriend and said that, without her housing voucher, she could not have broken it off.

  • Don is ecstatic to have his own space where he can manage his life the way he wants and not constantly have to work around other people. He has gotten a dog and is considering going back to school.

  • Peter is grateful for having a place for his grandbabies to visit him.

  • “I am thankful that my children can stay in the same school,” says James. Before he received his voucher, he and his boys were bouncing around among friends and family and had no stability. The boys constantly were in and out of schools and grew increasingly unhappy. Things were getting so bad that James felt that he was on the verge of losing his sons. James says housing has changed everything for his family. He and his sons are secure, and the boys have been able to remain in the same school and make friends. James feels like they are all so much closer to each other now.

These successes remind us of the good work that is being done every day, providing safe, secure housing for people who have been homeless and often without hope.