Client Vignettes

The housing specialists at SAVE, Inc. often share with the development staff vignettes from clients and residents. Vignettes offer us information about the people we serve: where they were in their lives when they came to SAVE, Inc. and where they are today. These vignettes basically encapsulate why SAVE, Inc. is here. Below are just a few of the recent stories that touched us and reminded us that the money we raise and the services we provide truly change people’s lives.

Matthew is a young man with AIDS who received a voucher from SAVE, Inc. for three years. In that time, he was able to complete a master’s degree. When his lease ended, he released his voucher so that someone else can turn their life around as he did.

Charles is on his fourth year on the housing program through SAVE, Inc. He is living with HIV and bi-polar disorder and has overcome many health issues in the last year. He recently told Lisa Elmer, his housing specialist at SAVE, Inc., that he wanted to continue his education, but didn’t really know what to do. Lisa gave him a list of agencies to contact and encouraged him to start with the Educational Opportunity Center. A week later, Charles called and told Lisa that the EOC helped him find the program that best fit his needs and they are helping him look into scholarships. Next semester, he will be attending class.

For 49 years, Joy lived without a home of her own. She spent nine years in an abusive relationship. Since being housed, Joy says her fears have eased. “An hour doesn’t go by without me looking around and being grateful,” she shares. Her anxiety has calmed down and she has deleted the unhealthy relationships in her life. Housing has helped with her recovery, allowed her to begin changes in her life and granted her piece of mind.

Lisa Elmer, housing specialist, recently received an email from a client: “I just really want to share with you that I so appreciate the due diligence that you have always shown me when it comes to my housing, you take care of me. It almost makes me want to cry because not too many people these days you can count on.”

We are proud that SAVE, Inc. housing specialists truly care about the clients we serve and are so humbled when clients reach out to thank SAVE, Inc. for the services we provide. But the staff here would be the first to tell you that none of this is possible without the dedication and courage of our clients. We commend each and every one of our clients who have or are currently rebuilding their lives.