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The SAVE Society is a way to give to SAVE, Inc. on a recurring monthly basis. We offer exclusive communications to SAVE society donors/members. Because of you, SAVE, Inc. can better serve the nearly 2000 individuals we provide home, hope & dignity to on an annual basis. We offer four levels of commitment. The impact of your commitment can be seen below.

You can sign up to be part of the SAVE Society by completing the form below.

Home level
$25 / month

  • Pays for personal care and hygiene products for one resident.

hope level
$50 / month

  • Pays for a full winter clothing set, including coat, gloves, scarf and hat.

courage level
$100 / month

  • Pays for a set of household items including dishes, towels, and bedding.

dignity level
$250 / month

  • Pays for a full day’s worth of meals for all of the residents at Pride Haven

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save society members

Thank you to our SAVE Society members! We appreciate their ongoing commitment to SAVE, Inc.

  • Lauren Aaronson & Philip Meltzer
  • Randy Coffey
  • Blake Dankert
  • Holly Fields
  • Lewis Gowin & Larry Rodgers
  • Lisa Bowman
  • Eric Thomas & Jonathan Gregory
  • Phil & Stacey Berndt
  • Kurt Knapstein
  • Grant Metcalf
  • Holly Post
  • Curtis Thomas
  • Scott & Pamela Bradley
  • Robert & Susan Stoddart
  • Suzanne Wheeler & Marsha Riley