unnamed (3)The founding of SAVE Home at 3109 Campbell in 1986 marked the birth of SAVE, Inc. As the AIDS epidemic began to rise in Kansas City, many in the community recognized the need for a safe haven for those dying from AIDS.

A culmination of efforts by volunteers soon provided those diagnosed with this disease a place to die with dignity and care, thus the birth of SAVE Home. The home soon became the first AIDS hospice in Missouri, and as the complexion of the disease changed, the facility later became a 24/7 group home for eight people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS who had a higher level of need than independent, permanent supportive housing could provide.

For 32 years, SAVE home served a great need in our community but unfortunately in June 2018, this model of care was no longer financially feasible, and we had to close the doors.

As staff and board members began thinking about how to utilize SAVE Home best, they looked at various demographics to see who had the greatest need in and how they could work together to combat that need. After some consideration and a few phone calls, it was obvious to everyone that the most underserved homeless community in Kansas City was transition age youth.

A new beginning for SAVE Home…
As we move forward, starting in 2019, SAVE Home will transition into a drop-in/shelter for young adults ages 18-24 who identify as LGBTQ.

The needs of homeless LGBTQ youth are unique, so supportive services will initially include case management, counseling (mental health services, crisis counseling), street outreach, HIV/STI testing, group sessions, disability (SOAR) assistance, and medical services/referrals.

SAVE Home will be renovated to provide overnight shelter for up to 15 individuals and amenities would include drop-in space, bedbug remediation, mail receipt/storage, laundry services, meals, personal belongings storage, transportation, public showers, and a personal hygiene closet. With input from the consumers, other services and amenities will be added as the program expands and achieves sustainability.