Rental Assistance

Keys to your own home

SAVE, Inc. realizes that many socially and medically disadvantaged individuals and families are unable to financially sustain safe, stable housing during times of extreme health crises. We work to address this problem through our Rental Assistance program.

Through the Rental Assistance Due to Medical Crisis program, SAVE, Inc. provides assistance to help temporarily pick up the bills for families facing health crises. Without this assistance, these families are all too often pushed into poverty and even homelessness during periods where working may be impossible due to illness.


This program provides a safety net for those battling a chronic disability or illness, by providing the financial help needed to prevent them from sliding into homelessness during the most difficult times in their lives. Through our Rental Assistance program, we work to help people in our community live with dignity and recover without the devastation that can be delivered due to prolonged illness.