Why the name SAVE, Inc.?

SAVE used to stand for “Saving AIDS Victims Endowment”.  Initially it was set up as a foundation to raise funds for the first residential building, SAVE Home.  At that time the name of the organization was SAVE Foundation.  Today SAVE, Inc. is the name of the parent corporation under which all of our residences and programs operate in addition to our administrative and fundraising efforts.  

Is SAVE, Inc. the same organization as SAVE Home?

SAVE Home is simply the name of SAVE, Inc.’s 24-hour assisted living facility.  Our facilities are named in honor or memory of former SAVE ambassadors such as Karl Cropsey, Jay McCarty, Loyed Mitchell and the first Executive Director, Ellen King.

What separates SAVE, Inc. from the other AIDS Service Organizations in Kansas City?

SAVE, Inc. is the only provider of permanent housing for those living with or at risk for HIV/AIDS in the metropolitan Kansas City area. The other ASO’s (Hope Care Center, Kansas City Care Clinic and Good Samaritan Project) offer advocacy, prevention, testing, medical care and other services.  

How does someone go about obtaining housing and/or assistance from SAVE, Inc.?

Since we are not a temporary homeless shelter and because of the varied funding SAVE, Inc. receives and the housing vouchers we provide, recipients must first be referred to the agency by a case worker from a qualified service organization.  The client is matched with a housing method appropriate to their diagnosis and need.

Does SAVE, Inc. own all of the housing that is provided to its clients?

SAVE, Inc. is the owner/operator of seven buildings in the mid-town area that make up 66 units ranging from single bedrooms to three bedroom apartments.  We are also the largest processer of Shelter Plus Care housing vouchers in the state of Missouri.  Those housing vouchers allow clients to live anywhere they’d like in a 15-county area on both sides of the state line.

Who are SAVE, Inc.’s partners?

The list of SAVE’s partners is long and changes but consistent referrals and funding come from organizations such as Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC), Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH), Truman Medical Center Behavioral Health, Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City, Kansas City Care Clinic, ReDiscover, reStart, Swope Health Services, Tri-County Mental Health Services, Good Samaritan Project, University of Kansas Hospital, HUD, MOCSA  and  Kansas City Health Department, among others.