As we entered our fourth decade of providing comprehensive housing solutions for the most vulnerable populations in Kansas City, it’s been hard not to think about where SAVE, Inc. has come from. What began as a grassroots, volunteer-driven hospice for people dying of AIDS has become

one of the largest housing providers in Missouri. We now serve on average 2,000 people every year in 15 counties in both Missouri and Kansas, and our focus is on not only HIV/AIDS but the intersection of that disease with mental illness, substance abuse disorders and homelessness. Our existing partnerships continue to be strong and steadfast and we are identifying new partners throughout the region to create programs in support of populations that need assistance.

Blaine Proctor, Ceo

816.531.8340 ext. 220

Blaine Proctor Chief Executive Officer 816-531-8340 ext. 220
Becky Hunkins Director, Finance & Administration 816-531-8340 ext. 240
Courtney Whited Director, Programs & Services 816-531-8340 ext. 300
Program Management
Danielle McGuire Program Manager, Intake & Quality Management 816-531-8340 ext. 260
Julie Groce Program Manager, Supportive Housing Specialist 816-531-8340 ext. 370
Kim Alexander Program Manager, Tenant Based RA 816-531-8340 ext. 250
Jessica Ross Program Manager, Managed Properties 816-531-8340 ext. 340
Michelle Greeley Resident Program Manager 816-531-8340 ext. 380
Facility Management
Robert Harper Facilities Manager 816-531-8340 ext. 350
Development and Fundraising
Sydney Rayl Development Coordinator 816-531-8340 ext. 290
Joyce Johnson 816-531-8340 ext. 150
Housing Specialists
Kaitlyn McLaughlin 816-531-8340 ext. 210
Sally Stokesberry 816-531-8340 ext. 102
Amanda Eisenmann 816-531-8340 ext. 270
Stacia Hardyway 816-531-8340 ext. 114
Whitney Hutchison  816-531-8340 ext. 330
Pamela McMickle  HOPWA Case Manager 816-531-8340 ext. 101
STAIR Program
Caroline Jordan 816-531-8340 ext. 115
Monique Johnston 816-531-8340 ext. 115
Jonathan Reavis 816-531-8340 ext. 115
LaShonda Robinson 816-531-8340 ext. 115
Lonnie Smith 816-531-8340 ext. 115