About Us

About us.

We Are SAVE Inc.

Our Vision: a world free of homelessness and discrimination in housing.

Over 30 Years of helping Kansas City’s most vulnerable…

Housing as healthcare

SAVE, Inc. was founded in 1986 by courageous volunteers who recognized the dire need to provide people with AIDS who had lost their homes, a place to die with dignity. With few resources and a firm belief in the need to help others, those volunteers established SAVE Home in midtown Kansas City and the first AIDS-specific hospice in the state of Missouri.

What began more than 30 years ago as a mere 8-bedroom hospice, SAVE Inc. has since expanded its campus to include six residential buildings making up 58 units, and to providing housing and housing solutions to over 900 households every month in 15 counties on both sides of the state line. Because of these efforts, we have become the largest processor of tenant-based rental assistance vouchers in Missouri.

Housing is not just an essential part of HIV care, it’s a powerful tool for helping those struggling with other impoverishing illnesses. To that end, we expanded our mission so that we could additionally serve those dealing with a mental illness or substance abuse, in addition to those living with HIV/AIDS. All of our clients are struggling with issues of self-worth, homelessness, social discrimination, basic healthcare, and poverty.

To help those who are socially and medically disadvantaged throughout Kansas City, we offer a variety of different housing solutions – all with the common goal of helping our clients transition from instability into permanent housing where they can regain their health and dignity.

A Client’s Story

Determined to become independent, Dan did what he knew best — moved from his sister’s house and set up a camp. At first, Dan said that being homeless was kind of exciting. “There is something new around each corner,” he says. “Eventually, your stomach is growling, and you don’t have a penny in your pocket.”

Things changed drastically for Dan when he fell down a hill and couldn’t get up. He laid there for six to eight hours until he saw a man walking a dog and asked him to call an ambulance. At the hospital, he discovered he had broken his neck, but because he couldn’t afford physical therapy, he was forced to leave the hospital early. He moved back in with his sister, doing physical therapy there, instead.

As a result of his injury, Dan qualified for Social Security benefits. He was referred to SAVE, Inc. Intake Specialist Ellen Channels by his Ryan White case manager. Shortly after, he moved into Stepping Stones transitional housing facility. Since then, he lived at Cropsey Place for a couple of years, and now is at Save Home, SAVE, Inc.’s 24-hour staffed facility.

Today, Dan can walk, but because of his lack of balance and limited movement in his right leg and arm, often falls. He says that SAVE Home is a good fit for him, because he has the company of the other residents, but the house is quiet and he is able to live independently. He is less stressed than he has been in a long time, he says, and just tries to live a day at a time.

– Our client, Dan

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