About Us

SAVE, Inc. was founded in 1986 by courageous volunteers who recognized the dire need for housing, support, and dignity for those dying from HIV/AIDS. With few resources and a firm belief in the need to help others, they established SAVE Home in midtown Kansas City, the first AIDS-specific hospice in the state of Missouri.

What began more than 30 years ago as a mere 8-bedroom hospice has since expanded to 7 total residences offering 66 units of housing and nearly 600 rental assistance vouchers for individuals throughout the greater Kansas City metro area.

In that time, we have learned that housing is not just an important part of HIV care, but it is also a poweful tool for helping those struggling with other impoverishing illnesses. To that end, SAVE, Inc. has recently expanded its mission to serve those managing a mental illness and substance abuse, in addition to those living with HIV/AIDS. All SAVE, Inc. clients are struggling with issues of self-worth, homelessness, social discrimination, basic healthcare and poverty.

To help those who are socially and medically disadvantaged, SAVE, Inc. offers a variety of housing solutions – all of which have the goal to move our clients from instability into permanent housing where they can regain their health and dignity.